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What if you could harness the predominant force in Chicago's real estate community—and use that force to make your home sell in a reasonable time, at a fair price?

That's exactly what happens when North Clybourn Group represents your property. You suddenly have access to a collective influence, who has already earned the confidence of the bulk of Chicago property buyers. This, along with our outstanding commitment to our clients, will give your property the exposure it needs to sell.

Our strategies include everything from effective pricing to cross-selling. Your property is bound to sell faster using our proven marketing systems. The high volume of leads we generate will give you the traffic you need to sell your home. When you team with us, your sale becomes a priority, with intensive open house presentations, followed by non-stop communication with suitable buyers.

The high success rates of the sellers we represent is due to our strategic relationship we develop with buyers. We thoroughly analyze their needs, so anyone searching for a specific property use will be sure to see your property as an accommodating solution. When your prospects see our detailed brochures, they get a complete picture and are often eager to obtain the property... because we present it as their solution—not as another piece of property.

Your property receives a positive, accurate representation. As such, you avoid any surprises that might delay (or even prevent) negotiations with a buyer. In preventing these hurdles, you retain the momentum needed to keep your property in the buyer's demand.

As the negotiation for your property listing continues, we help you every step of the way. You specify the terms you desire, and we help you assess the best way to proceed. We offer our vast experience in simple terms, so you'll know how to use the market trends and standards to your advantage. A good negotiation will make use of these points:

  • Region and locality
  • Interest rates
  • Appreciation rates in the last ten years
  • Market balance
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Changes in neighborhood perception and desirability
  • Zoning changes
  • Building codes
  • Rental market fluctuations
  • Saturation and absorption points

And you'll never have to consider these factors on your own. We'll guide you through the negotiation keeping your interests in focus—so your property is protected from selling for less than it's worth.

When your sale is finalized, we're confident that we will have exceeded every one of your expectations. Our honest and clear communication is the reason we've developed so many relationships with sellers and buyers alike. We take every opportunity to earn your approval and become the exclusive Real estate provider for all your real estate ventures.

If you've worked with us before, use the 'contact us' page to send a direct message to your preferred agent. If not, please contact Karen Biazar for a brief telephone interview. She'll evaluate your needs, and put you in contact with the agent most suitable for your property. We have agents specializing in investment, commercial, residential, and development property. Some even focus on different areas of Chicago real estate or near West suburbs.

All of our trained agents utilize the intensive support of each other, forming a collective network of team members with dozens of years of experience. We work together to get your property sold!

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