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Testimonial for our very Own Tim Gens!
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When my husband I moved to Chicago, we didn’t know anyone or anything about the city. We ended up purchasing our home from a realtor that was okay, however, but we didn’t enlist their help when we found out we were moving yet again after only one year. We had to move quickly, only 1 week to get back for the new job. We interviewed 4 different companies/realtors. Tim was the first to join us at our home for the meeting after promptly setting up the appointment. I told my husband immediately that this guy would be hard to beat! I specifically remember kicking my husband under the table and winking, ‘this is our guy’ during our first meeting - and I was right, no one was able to match him. His customer service alone took the cake. He was grossly prepared for our tour of the house along with his comps, packets, etc. We immediately felt comfortable and trusting of our new realtor friend. We cleaned the house and left - left everything we owned and drove away with Tim completely in charge, keys in hand. Never once did we think twice. Every appointment for a showing Tim called and informed us, he personally walked the house before and along side the prospective buyers, then grabbed our mail and locked up behind him. Communication and proficiency throughout the process was supreme. The consummate realtor. Tim went far above what is expected of a realtor, assisting us in vast and numerous ways, as we were states away – making our life so much easier during the process. His guidance with us through offers and negotiations was pointed and effective and beneficial, all while allowing us to feel in charge. He listened to everything we had to say, and still gave us perfectly timed and professional advice. After the house sold, I flew back to meet the movers and pack up the house. Tim was there for a follow-up making sure the paperwork was in order, that I was comfortable and didn’t have any questions and then a last hug. The only downside is that Tim couldn’t be our realtor when we purchased our new home in Texas, which means a lot, considering my father is our realtor here. - The Nichols

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